Target Supply Corporate Website and Purchasing Management System Application

The goal of the project:

Developing a fully SEO compatible and multi-language corporate website for Target Supply, an export company that supplies products, purchases and brokerage services for companies abroad from Turkey. In addition, to develop the Purchasing Management System application called myTarget in order to automate the purchasing operations and easily make and manage the demands.

General Features of the Site:

Used technologies:
Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, django-pdfkit / wkhtmltopdf, apexcharts

- The website is integrated with Django's internal multi-language system and all outputs can be added easily, including new languages, and made manageable from the admin panel.
- All pages are designed to be dynamically changeable.
- The site is equipped with advanced SEO automation and its infrastructure is ready for professional search engine optimization.
- All images on the site are set to be automatically converted to webp format and resized by the system.
- A frequently asked questions system that can be managed from the admin panel has been developed for each language.
- By making very detailed server optimization, measures were taken for both SEO and security.

myTarget - Purchasing Management System Application Features:

myTarget Dashboard

For customers;
- Customer account creation process with email confirmation
- Dashboard panel with general information and statistics for all purchases
- Possibility to add multiple products in RFQs

myTarget Submit RFQ

- Possibility to edit RFQs until they are approved
- Detailed offer page for RFQs

myTarget Offer Details

- Possibility to create and download automatic proforma invoices for offers
- Possibility of downloading necessary documents for offers
- Management of the approval process of offers (possibility of approval or rejection)
- Possibility to upload a receipt for the approved offer
- Detailed dashboard where instant status can be monitored for orders

myTarget Order Details

- The possibility of seeing the images of the products belonging to the order at different stages
- Cargo company integration for shipment tracking
- Possibility to automatically create and download invoices
- Automatic whatsapp and telegram chat button linked to the offer number on the offer and order pages
- Informing the customer automatically of all demand, offer and order stages via email
- and many more features

For the admin;
- Dashboard panel with detailed information and graphical statistics and company's net profitability information

myTarget Admin Dashboard

- Status notification via e-mail and on the panel when a request is received or its status changes
- Possibility to approve or reject incoming requests
- Possibility to create proposals for requests
- Possibility to create detailed offers for approved offers

myTarget Admin Offer Page

- Possibility to convert paid offers into orders
- Possibility to set the profit rate for the offer
- Possibility to manage customers
- In general, the possibility of management with very detailed control possibilities of the proposal and order stages for requests
- and many more features

- The entire system infrastructure has been developed to run mostly automatically
- For example, when the product purchase price is entered and the profit rate is determined for the offers, all calculations are made automatically, including tax calculations for proforma or invoice.
- When the payment is made, the request status changes and the offer automatically turns into an order.
- Company information, bank information, rates, shipping options, request status and all other features can be managed from the admin panel.
- The system has been thoroughly security tested and all role-based restrictions have been handled in detail.
- With this and many other features, the overall system was developed to automate and simplify the purchasing process to the maximum extent.

myTarget Mobile Version

- The interface of the system has been developed to be mobile compatible and with Bootstrap, and a web-based Android application has been made with PWA integration.