Meat and Dairy Institution Guesthouse Management System (GMS)

The Goal of The Project:

To develop a Guesthouse Management System for the guesthouses of the Meat and Dairy Institution in different provinces in order to add guesthouses, add staff, add rooms, register incoming customers, room reservation, pricing, reporting, invoicing and organization from a common point.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - giriş ekranı

General Features of the System:

Used technologies:
Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, django-pdfkit / wkhtmltopdf

- The main admin user has access to all controls via the general admin panel and his own user panel.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - yönetici ekranı

- Administrators can do all the operations to control the system, such as adding another administrator account, adding guesthouses, adding rooms belonging to these guesthouses, determining nightly accommodation prices for each guesthouse, changing room bed capacity, closing/opening rooms and adding authorized institution personnel working in guesthouses.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - yönetim paneli

- Administrators can add and edit staff users for guesthouses.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - görevli personel ekleme

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - personel listesi

- Staff in guesthouses can view and manage rooms and reservations.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - kombina ana ekranı

- Customers can be added and edited as civil or Government employees with a unique identification number.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - müşteri listesi

- Reservation System;

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - rezervasyon listesi

- Past and future reservations can be created for customers.
- There are general control mechanisms such as one day after the check-out date, whether the room status is empty or occupied during the reservation process.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - rezervasyon kontrol sistemi

- In addition, each guesthouse staff can only see and manage reservations in their own workplace. There is a detailed control mechanism for this.
- When the reservation is checked out or the reservation is deleted, the number of beds in the room is automatically deducted from the number of vacant rooms. If there is no one left in the room, the room is presented as empty.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - rezervasyon detayı

- If it gets paid for the reservation, it can no longer be deleted. After the payment is received, the invoice can now be printed for the relevant reservation. The fee is calculated automatically by calculating the entry and exit dates according to the customer's status on the invoice.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - rezervasyon detayı ödeme alındı

- Guesthouse, customer, room and check-in date cannot be changed while making a reservation.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - rezervasyon güncelle

- Reservation list can be saved as a report in excel format.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - excel raporu

- There is a detailed search and filtering system covering all column fields in both the reservation list and the customer list.

Misafirhane Yönetim Sistemi - rezervasyon filtre

- The interface of the system is mobile compatible and developed with Bootstrap.