Dennled Corporate Website

Used Technologıes:

  • SEO
  • PostgreSQL
  • Django Framework
  • Python
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • CSS(3)
  • HTML(5)
  • Git

Project Category: Website --

The goal of the project:

Developing a website with advanced features, optimized for search engines, SEO and mobile compatible, completely manageable from the admin panel. Possibility to add additional features such as B2B, e-Commerce, Stock Tracking System and Accounting system in the next stages.

General Features of the Site:

- Which products or announcements will appear on the home page,
- About us page,
- Product categories (possibility to add category images),
- Manufacturer brands,
- Product detail page,
- Product search module,

Dennled arama

- Automatic PDF product catalog (products added to the site are automatically converted to downloadable catalog in pdf format.),

Dennled Katalog

- Announcements,
- Information at the bottom of the site and on the contact page (messages sent from the contact form are sent to the company e-mail address and can also be viewed from the admin panel),
and more can be changed from the admin panel.

Dennled Kurumsal Web Sitesi

- The wheel on the main page rotates when hovered with the mouse,
- Header background is animated,
- All dynamic links are animated or interactive,
- If the product image, category image, announcement image or social media icons are added on the contact page, it will be visible, otherwise the pre-defined image will be displayed or hidden,
- All areas of the site work responsively, mobile compatible, without disturbing the interface appearance,
- The interface is fully mobile compatible.

Dennled Web Sitesi

- All the main SEO infrastructure (title, description, keywords, canonical, open graph meta, etc.) are dynamically created for all pages and can be managed from the admin panel.
- It has 100% search engine optimization.
- Sitemap is created automatically.

Google Performance Test Result:


And there are many more features that I forgot. :)

Dennled Kurumsal Web Sitesi

Contact With Me_

To contact me you can send an email to . You can rest assured that I will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you want, you can contact me on my Skype username kasimoglu.ali or from my social media profiles on linkedin, facebook or twitter. I'm sure you can do it somehow if you really want to get in touch :)